About the project

I wanted to get an image of what the “Energiewende”, the transition to renewable energy in Germany is about. Who are the people, who bring the change forward? What is the current situation? What are the chances, problems and perspectives for the future?
This is definitely not just “one image” as in one single image. It is more like a mosaic of many stories.

It is amazing to see how many individuals, villages, towns and regions have started the journey towards renewable energy in the last years and decades. For many other people however the “Energiewende” still seems far away and they can’t imagine it. At the same time German politicians have started to reform the EEG (Renewable Energy Law) in a way that will most likely bring more disadvantages than progress for the development of renewable energies.

So I travelled across Germany on a bicycle to meet many people, their projects, ideas and stories and to learn about the “Energiewende”.

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Erneuerbare Energien in Deutschland