Doubts and a painful knee

For a long time I did not write anything because I did not want to accept the painful knee and the doubts about my project resulting from that pain. However, I have to face it, I hurt my knee already on the first day falling of the bicycle. It’s ok when I walk, but when I cycle it hurts.
The photos and videos I took, are not that good yet, which makes me just as worried as the painful knee, but I am very grateful that I got to talk to a lot of interesting people. As soon as I find the time to translate interviews, there will also be a section with interviews on this page.

I talked to Andreas Hoffmann, who built a passive house in Breisach, carpenter Reinhard Schwörer from Wyhl, who installs solar systems, Karin Schneider, Alma Spribille and Marco Tranitz who work for the Fraunhofer Institut for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg and mit Georg Löser, who already built a self-sufficient house in 1987 and is not connected to the energy grid. I also went to the small town of Freiamt in the Black Forrest, where I talked to the mayor Hannelore Reinbold-Mench and to Ernst Leimer, who co-founded the association for the advancement of wind power in Freiamt. They told me how and why Freiamt can produce more electricity than they use. Check out the interview section of this website.